Post-Conference Fieldtrip

Field excursion to two National Parks in Italy (Abruzzo National Park,, and Gargano National Park,, to visit some of the best conserved old-growth beech forests in Italy, UNESCO WH sites, and the nearby managed beech forests.


Friday 21th Sep: departure from Viterbo in the afternoon (after the field excursion, c. 5.30 pm)

Tuesday 25th Sep: departure from Gargano National Park (early morning), arrival in Rome in the afternnon (for make the travelling connections easier) and Viterbo in the mid afternoon.



The costs, including travel, accommodation and meals (4 nights), will be 400€. The fieldtrip will be organized only with a minimum number of participants, and a maximum of 50 participants will be accepted. 

For any interest in participating to the fieldtrip is necessary to send an email to  "" (object "Fieldtrip").